Monday, March 8, 2010

Winter Fun

My it has been a while since I've updated the blog! It has been a busy winter. Teaching Lori kindergarten with Audrey and Natalie underfoot has been interesting. We've had a lot of fun though. One of the fun things we did was have a Valentine's Party. We got together with some other homeschool friends and made valentine crafts, decorated cookies, and had lunch together. We all had a blast and plan to make it an annual event.

John and had a great idea one cold Sunday morning. Build a snowfort! Audrey and Natalie weren't so thrilled but Lori and I had fun helping. The fort had a front and back entrance. Once the fort was completed John had some fun scaring the kids by pretending to be the snow monster (in honor of Lost of course). Audrey was scared out of her wits, even though she could clearly see it was daddy.
The fort is melting now, but we are glad it is Spring!