Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

For Easter this year we took the girls to Grace West Church for their annual Saturday before Easter egg hunt. The girls were beside themselves when they saw how many eggs were scattered over the church’s lawn.


After a short program about the true meaning of Easter, the kids were let loose to fill their baskets. And fill them they did.


Natalie and all the other 3 and 4 year olds had a room to themselves to grab bag after bag of cheese crackers and fruit snacks. And also some candy too.


That night we came home and dyed eggs and decorated them with glitter.





Sing, Sing, Sing!


On April 18, Lori and Audrey had their first choir performance. Here they are dressed and ready to go perform. Natalie didn’t sing but she wanted to be dressed up just the same.

The girls started singing in the Children’s Celebration Choir last September. They practiced every Thursday at a local church, and have also sung at a few nursing homes.

Here they are getting read to sing on the stage at their Spring performance.


Lori commented afterwards that she loves to sing because “singing makes me happy.”

John and I tried hard not to laugh through the whole thing as Audrey fiddled with her hair, yawned, stretched, and picked her nose. Occasionally she would sing a few words here and there but she mostly fiddled. Maybe next year she will get into it more.

After the performance there was a pizza/dessert party. The girls also received certificates of participation and gift cards to our local Christian book store.

The girls can’t wait to start again next year!