Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Now it Makes Cents


Counting money has been a frustrating skill for Lori to learn. But, as usual, when I bring art into the mix, math isn’t so bad.


So we began by pulling out the grocery adds that usually go to the recycle bin. Then I gave her the task of finding items she could buy with $1. So she began perusing the merchandise and clipping out what she could afford.

Then she pasted them to her paper.


When the cutting and pasting was complete, I had her pick two items she would like to buy, add them together, and then count out the correct change. Then she checked her answer on the play cash register.


Audrey got to cut and paste too, but her only goal was to find numbers and then tell me what they were.


Lori’s comment after this activity: “This makes math more fun mom.”

Mission accomplished.

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