Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent Activites

I've been wanting to get one of those advent activity books that have readings and activities to do every day until Christmas. Well this year I decided to do my own thing. I looked up the meanings of the different symbols for Christmas and then I made up crafts to go with each one I wanted to focus on. I put them each in numbered bags along with a scripture and the meaning of the symbol. Each day the kids pick a new bag and we do the new actvity each day.

The first symbol we did was the angel. We read in Luke about the angels visiting Zecharia, Mary, and the shepherds. We then talked about how we are now God's messengers, bringing his tidings of great joy to all the people.

To make the angels, we used two coffee filters, pipe cleaner, glue, construction paper, and glitter. We folded one coffee filter in half for the wings. We stuck our finger in the middle of the other filter to form a skirt. We glued the two together and taped the pipe cleaner to the back. We used the construction paper for the face.

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