Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Math Fun

More Christmas tree math today. This time the girls had to role the dice and add the numbers to decorate their trees. I drew the trees ahead of time and then made a color code for what color or type of ornament to put on the tree for each number 1 – 12. Lori could put bonus ornaments on if her role equaled more than 12. The first person to decorate their tree all the way was the winner.


 Lori’s Tree. She had to add a six sided die and a twelve sided die.002

Audrey had to add two six sided dice.


Lori loved this activity. Audrey was thoroughly bored. I guess one out of two isn’t bad. Smile

In addition to this activity, I also made Lori a “Lori’s Math Fact Book.” She will be writing or drawing pictures about new math facts or concepts she learns.


Her first entry for today was the addition facts she learned while playing the decorate the Christmas tree game.


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