Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day of School


On August 22, we began our first day of school. Both girls, surprisingly enough, sat at the table, eager to start.


We began our day with the Pledge of Allegiance, and then read the book I Pledge Allegiance by Bill Martin to help them understand what they were saying.


Next, we had calendar time. During this time we fill out this chart, fill in our weather graph,circle the date, and make the number of days we’ve been in school with money.


Lori is drawing a caterpillar and writing about it. This is from a fantastic workbook called Draw,Then Write.


Audrey is making a math story with stamps.


Our last activity of the day was a scavenger hunt that led the girls to scrapbooks that they will use to remember 2nd grade and Kindergarten. The best part was getting to decorate them.


Well, we survived the first week of school. 29 more to go!

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