Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Vacation Continued

On day 2 of our trip, we headed to Peninsula State Park, a Mecca for camping and outdoor lovers. Apparently this park gets as many visitors in the summer as Disney World, or at least that’s what the guide book said.

Anyways, we began our day there on a rather exhausting 2 hour canoe ride. It felt like the wind and or current were against us the entire time.

We started at Nicolet Bay Beach and headed to this little island, called Horseshoe Island.


After that we took a little rest on the beach and then headed for a hike on the Eagle Trail. There were some fun cave like formations on this trail that we explored.



Here is the view from one of the lookout points on the trail.


After this we headed to see another lighthouse and a three story high lookout tower.

Here’s the lighthouse and an anchor from a ship that sunk near the coast of the peninsula.



John has a fear of heights so he stayed below as Lori and I trekked three stories up to see the view from the tower.



And that was day 2 of our vacation!




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