Sunday, November 8, 2009

Church Wrong

So my husband and I got this flyer in the mail from a local church with the title Church Right? They were going to start a study on what the Bible says church is supposed to look like. Out of curiousity we decided to give it a try.

We could tell the minute we walked in the door it was a place we probably weren't going to come back to. It was that old familiar feeling of walking into a big click no one was interested in opening up to new members. The worship was lame as well. All songs where the same 4 lines repeat over and over and over. Aggghhhh!!! Can't song writers come up with meaningful none repeating lyrics???

The sermon wasn't too bad but once again Christ was barely mentioned. Mostly just about us and how we need to try harder. If he had just brought it back to Christ it might have actually been good. When will pastors get the clue that church won't be relevant until they stop trying to be cute and entertaining and start preaching the Gospel!!!!

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