Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Party

Today we had what I hop to be the first annual homeschool Thanksgiving party. A friend and I decided we wanted to do a fall party of some sort so we decided to do a Thanksgiving party. I remember doing them as a kid in our homeschool group and thought it would be fun to do one of our own. It was quite the undertaking to plan a put together a party for 20 some children, but we made it through and I think everyone had a good time.

To start off the event we had my friend Candy talk to the kids about what it means to be thankful. She then taught them a song to memorize Psalm 118:1.

Next, we played relay games. These included a 3legged race, spoon carrying relays, and a bean bag relay. The older ones enjoyed it. The little ones were a bit bewildered, however.

Then came the crafts. There were three stations: placemats, pilgrim hats, and Thanksgiving bracelets. I was in charge of the bracelets.

I found the idea from Each bead represented something from the "first Thanksgiving."

Last but not least, we feasted! Everyone pitched in and brought food to share. Soup, bread, pinwheels, fruit, and dessert were what we feasted on.

All in all, I'm glad it is over but it was a good time. Praise God!

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